Digital Storefronts and Their Value

Feb 14, 2017 3:13:26 PM by Howard Hansen

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These days, eCommerce is growing by leaps and bounds—and for a good reason. Consumers love the convenience and ease of shopping online. In fact, more functions than ever are going online, and your potential customers, clients, and employees expect you to have significant online offerings that fit their needs.

Digital StoreFronts can offer you this kind of functionality with an easy-to-use, scalable solution and flexible deployment. Let's dig into what Digital StoreFronts from EFI can provide.

Features of Digital StoreFronts

Whether you want eCommerce, marketing, job search, or product features, EFI's Digital StoreFront solutions can provide exactly what you need. Take a look at how Digital StoreFronts could change the way you do business.

  • Smartstores: With EFI, you can create an unlimited number of customized storefronts, designed with your brand, logo, and colors. The SmartStore Builder gives you simple tools to create responsive storefronts that look sharp from a desktop computer and a mobile device.
  • Marketing: With EFI's DirectSmile cross-media campaign integration, you can create web-to-print marketing campaigns for your clients or customers that maintain your brand control while offering powerful printed media.
  • Data processing: If you integrate EFI's DirectSmile web-to-print marketing solution into your mailing workflow, you'll find that the automation available will give you the tools to process information quickly and ramp up productivity.
  • Online job search management: Create customized job submission forms and allow users to track their process.
  • eCommerce: An intuitive checkout process lets users select products, payment options, and order management.

EFI's Digital StoreFront can help you grow your company's offerings and boost sales while maintaining brand loyalty and increasing marketing. Its powerful functionality provides users with new options in an intuitive format. Is it time to learn more about what Digital StoreFronts can do for your business?

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Howard Hansen

Written by Howard Hansen