3 Ways to Use a Smartboard

Mar 13, 2017 2:32:45 PM by Howard Hansen

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The right tool can make your company more efficient, and higher efficiency will translate into a more profitable business. The Aquos Smartboard is one of those tools that can make all the difference in your company's productivity. Here's how a smartboard could benefit your business.

Smart Business with a Smartboard

Communication is key to building a strong company from the inside out, and a smartboard can help you communicate effectively. Whether you're presenting to a department, a team, your entire organization, or at a conference, it can bring your presentation alive in a way that will connect with your audience. Here are some of the ways smart professionals use smartboards.

  1. Brainstorming and team planning: Strategic planning is an essential part of any company's internal processes. Sharing calendars, action plans, to-do lists, action plans, and deliverables on a large screen with the ability to write and add items dynamically can bring team planning alive.
  2. Training: Nothing makes training more hands-on and interactive than a smart presentation. You can involve your audience with presentations that allow live annotation that can be sent to attendees with notes later.
  3. Video conferencing: Today's offices are increasingly reliant on remote workers. With the many tools of the internet, there's no reason that someone can't be an effective part of your team from wherever they are. Make team building and meetings easier with video conference. All meeting participants can use the smartboard to write on the screen and show interactions in real time, giving you the same kind of opportunity to collaborate as you would have in the same physical space.

A smartboard is a smart move for any business. For more information on the Aquos Board, contact us today.

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Howard Hansen

Written by Howard Hansen