3 Questions to Ask Your Copier Repair Technician

Jan 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Howard Hansen

3 questions to ask a printer or copier repair tech

Groan. The copier is down again. Whether it's due to a lack of maintenance, a low-quality machine, or an aging machine, making a call to a printer repair technician can be frustrating. Even the best printers need maintenance once in a while, though, so you'll likely encounter this situation in the course of doing business.

How do you choose a good company to hire for printer and copier repairs? You shouldn't simply rely on a quick Google search and call the first result. Instead, consider a few factors before hiring a copier repair technician.

1. Read Reviews

It's the age of Yelp and UrbanSpoon. You don't have to just trust what a company says about themselves before working with them. Read online reviews or testimonials, and take them into account when you make your decision.

2. Ask for a Quote

Depending on a machine's value and the cost of repairs, it's sometimes better to replace the machine than to fix it. Before making a decision either way, get all the facts and ask for a quote. It's most convenient to work with a repair company that's also a copier dealer: They can give you accurate information on both repair and upgrade costs.

3. Ask for an Expert

This may seem nosy to ask, but don't feel bad inquiring about the level of training a company's technicians receive. If you're working with a certain brand of machine, for instance, and that company specializes in another, you'll probably want to choose a different repair service.

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Howard Hansen

Written by Howard Hansen